Late Pradeep Dwivedi (MP Govt accredited journalist)

Late Pradeep Dwivedi 

(MP Govt accredited journalist)

Rewa Riyasat Online News Portal is the digital wing of the Rewa Riyasat Pvt. Ltd. RewaRiyasat.com is the flagship brand of the Rewa Riyasat Pvt. Ltd. and is the Fastest Growing Hindi News and Information site in India.

RewaRiyasat.com is the online version of the news with million users. The site aims to reshape the online Hindi news segment in Hindi Heartland with a compelling customer experience and user engagement.

The genesis for RewaRiyasat.Com was in the year 2014. Founded by Late Pradeep Dwivedi (MP Govt accredited journalist). Rewa Riyasat News Portal was mainly created for News Information on Digital Platform. In Feb 2021, RewaRiyasat.Com came under Rewa Riyasat Pvt Ltd.